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Fall 2020 School Portraits

Hello Calvary Christian families! We had so much fun capturing your child/ren's images! To access your 2020 fall proof gallery, click here!

Your password is the last 4 digits of your phone number.  Siblings are in one album. 

Please order by Sunday, October 18th to have your prints and products delivered to Calvary Christian Academy with FREE SHIPPING.  Prints will be delivered to Calvary Christian approximately 7-10 days after.  

Orders placed after Sunday October 18th will incur a shipping charge and be sent to your address.

A video tutorial on making purchases within the gallery can be accessed HERE. Students are listed alphabetically by first name. Select your child's album and enter your 4 digit password (last 4 digits of phone number) to view your child's portraits. Click on an image and select 'buy photo' to browse a la carte and package options. Purchases can be made directly in the gallery. Digital purchases are available via email immediately. Prints and products ordered within 10 days of delivery of proofs will be delivered to Calvary Christian Academy. Print and product purchases made after 10 days will be mailed to your address.

You are welcome to share your child's gallery with your friends and family so they can make their own purchases. Choose shipping at checkout to mail prints and products throughout the contiguous United States.

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